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3 Effective Calls-to-Action for Your Facebook Fan Page

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Facebook has new rules for the cover photo on your Fan Page. But before we bring in the new, let’s talk about the one old rule which remains intact:

Your cover photo can’t contain more than 20% text.

So what’s new? Now your cover photo can include:

  • your tagline
  • your website address
  • your street address
  • contact information
  • information about products and/or services
  • prices and purchase information
  • promotion of Facebook apps
  • a call-to-action

So how can use this space to build your business? Here are three effective calls-to-action:

Ask for “Likes”

We’ll start with the easy one. A visitor has clicked through to your Facebook Page.

What do they see first? Your cover photo.

Ask them to “Like” you!

Make sure you include an arrow or some other visual to draw their eyes to the “Like” icon.

But don’t just ask them to “Like” you – give them a reason to do so!

Here are some examples:

  • Like us for access to special deals!
  • Like us to receive free samples!
  • Like us for exclusive coupons!
  • Like us for inside information!
  • Like us for sneak peaks!

You get the idea. Answer the “What’s in it for me?” question directly.

Promote word-of-mouth

Once you get a decent fan base built up, encourage your fans to tell their friends. After all, your future fans will probably be a lot like your current fans. So your current fans probably know them!

But everybody’s in a hurry. So an explicit request works better than just hoping they’ll do it.

Remind them why their friends would appreciate knowing about your Page:

  • Tell your friends about our Page so they get our special deals too!
  • Share our Page with your friends so they can be insiders too!

Drive them to your website

Your website is your hub for all your online activities. So make sure you’re linking to it from all your social sites.

Now you can do even better. Use your Facebook cover photo to drive your fans to your website.

Only don’t send them to your home page. Create a special landing page.
A landing page is a single-purpose page designed for targeted conversations.

For example, let’s say you create a time-limited special offer. Promote it on your Facebook cover photo (e.g. yourbusiness.com/special1).

Just remember that the cover photo isn’t linkable. So you’ll want to keep the web address for the landing page as simple as possible, like the one we’ve shown.

3 things to keep in mind

  • Strategy

Social media is a new tool, but you should approach it like you would any other medium.

Know what you want to accomplish. Then you’ll be able to pick the best call-to-action for you.

  • Test, track and tweak

Don’t be afraid to change your Facebook cover photo frequently. Then you can test different offers with each change.

Of course, be sure to track results so you know what pulls best. Then you can tweak your future offers based on what you learn.

  • Honor the culture

Social media is a “giving” space. People, brands and businesses who seem too interested in “getting” don’t do so well.

So don’t too “salesy” – honor the culture in any call-to-action. It will help your campaign be a BIGG success!

What’s worked for you on Facebook?

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