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3 Simple and Free Ways to Keep Your Best People Happy

3 things the best employees want

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People join companies. They leave managers.

It rolls off the tongue so easily. We instinctively get it. But it begs the question:

What about the manager makes them leave?

In some cases, a departing employee may be the type of person who always blames someone else. Their manager is an easy target.

Others may just be unhappy people in general. It seems that the only thing that makes these people happy is being unhappy!

Hopefully, you weed these two types of people out before you hire them. That’s your main source of control in these situations.

So let’s discuss good people – the people you want to keep, your best people. What about their manager makes them leave?

Here’s something that surprises a lot of managers:

For your best people, you are the single most

important factor in their level of job satisfaction!

What can you do to make your peoples’ work experience satisfying? Many unseasoned managers think that people only want more money or benefits. That’s rarely the case.

Your best people want three things. They’re all simple. And they won’t cost you a penny.

Value them

Let your employees know that they matter to you. They aren’t just a “warm body” or a “number”.

Take genuine interest in them professionally and personally. Help them:

  • Do their jobs better
  • Build their skills
  • Make their lives work

You’ll be surprised what happens when you value your employees. Good people perform superbly for good managers.

Make them feel important

Your best employees want to hear about the BIGG picture. They want to understand their role in it. They want to see how they make an impact.

Your organization serves people.

We call them customers. But that’s just an identifying label.

Serving people is inspiring. Help your people understand how what they do improves peoples’ lives.

What does your organization do for your community? How is your organization making the world a better place?

Your people are an essential part of all of that. Let them know what a difference you all are making.

You can also make your people feel important by sharing information about your business and industry. Discuss your goals and whether or not you’re on track.

Make them a part of something bigger than just doing a job.

Deliver feedback properly

Good employees want regular input on their job performance. You’re the person they expect to get it from.

Take formal performance reviews seriously. Don’t keep postponing them.

Don’t act like they’re a pain. Make them a priority; they’re an incredibly important part of your job.

Offer constructive criticism privately when one of your employees falls short of your expectations. Praise them publicly when they do something spectacular.

Some managers get so busy doing their job that they neglect their most important duty – to serve their people. So their people leave.

You don’t have to be one of those managers. Make serving your people your top priority and you’ll keep your best employees happy! It leads to BIGG success!

How do you keep your people happy?

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