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A Free Tool That Gets Rid of Your To-Do List

To Do List Freedom App

In this Entreprenurturing Session™, we talk with best-selling author and time management expert Dr. Jim Steffen about his new free app that helps you get rid of your overwhelming to-do list.

Jim has taught his successful time management seminar, Aligned Thinking, to thousands of people throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, and to over 160 Fortune 500 companies.

Let’s learn more from Jim…

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Entreprenurturing Session 009 | BIGG Success

In This Entreprenurturing™ Session, learn:

  • The danger to-do list has on your health
  • Why you need a holding list and priority list
  • The problem with putting everything on a to-do list
  • Why his “holding list” concept helps you prioritize
  • What outstanding people do and don’t do
  • The 2 simple yet important questions to ask yourself about time
  • How to be efficient AND effective

You can find Jim’s FREE To Do List Freedom app in the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad. If you don’t have one of those, just visit for a free tutorial on how to avoid to-do list frustration.

For Your Convenience

We’re also providing just the section of the interview where Jim talks about how the Freedom To Do List app works so you can quickly hear how to use it once downloaded to your iPhone or iPad.

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Entreprenurturing Session 009b | BIGG Success

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