A Global Positioning System for Your Brand

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Module 1: How to Position Your Brand to Sell
Section 4: How to Create Your Brand Strategy
Post 4: Putting It All Together

Wow! It’s been intense. You’ve come a long way. And now you have the equivalent of a Global Positioning System for your brand. We call it your Brand Positioning System (BPS). It includes:

  • Your ideal customer persona
  • Your brand name
  • Your tagline
  • Your what/why statement
  • Your sound bite
  • Your elevator pitch
  • Ultimate experience
  • Your HIPODs and a first focus

Your BPS helps you understand your place in the world. So you’ll stay focused and make better decisions faster.

It also helps you build a culture and communicate what makes your brand special. You’ll attract the right people naturally – from customers and employees to partners and funders.

Now you’re ready for the next step…

Next Step

Congratulations! You’ve completed the reading for Module 1. Here’s what to do to complete it:

  • Complete any parts of the Create Your Brand Strategy Guidebook which you haven’t already. (Hold off on Module 1, Part 4 for now.)
  • If you haven’t done so already, schedule your first personal coaching session with us. Just click here and select 3 times. We’ll respond vial email to confirm one of them. If you have scheduled a time with us already, please let us know you’ve completed this module so we can review your guidebooks.
  • After that, you’ll complete Part 4 of the Create Your Brand Strategy Guidebook so you’ll have a single place to see your BPS.
  • Then you’ll be ready for Module 2.

Of course – if you have any questions, email us at bigginfo@biggsuccess.com with “BTS QUESTION” in the subject line.