A Surprising Secret to Ramp Up Your Creativity

the secret source of Nobel Prize winners creativity

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“To survive in today’s hypercompetitive climate, businesses must innovate constantly. Innovation hinges on creativity – generating novel and useful ideas. By fostering creativity in your team, you help unleash your company’s innovative powers.”  ~ Fostering Creativity, Harvard Business School Press

Innovation flows from creativity. It’s a critical skill to cultivate in today’s hyper-competitive, fast-moving business world.

When one thinks of innovative people, Nobel Prize winners top the list. What is the source of their creativity?

Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein asked the same question. So he conducted a study on Nobel laureates.

He compared them to the members of Sigma Xi, the premier society for scientific researchers. He found that:

Less than 1% of the members of Sigma Xi had a hobby.

By contrast, almost all of the Nobel laureates had one.

Furthermore, the type of hobby you have may also make a difference. Over half of the Nobel Prize winners had a long-standing artistic hobby:

  • 25% were musicians
  • 18% painted or sketched
  • Writing and poetry were also common

Dr. Root-Bernstein has written a book, with his wife Michele Root-Bernstein, called Sparks of Genius: The 13 Thinking Tools of the World’s Most Creative People.

Subconscious at work

If you’re like us, the solution to your biggest challenges often comes when you’re not at work. Your subconscious mind continues working when you give your conscious mind freedom to play.

By scheduling time for your hobby, you make it more likely that you’ll get the spark of genius for which you were searching.

Creativity is a transferable skill

Hobbies help renew your spirit. However, they can do something just as important for your work.

As you actively engage in a hobby, you tap your creative spirit. Over time, you develop skills that may be transferable to your work.

It’s the best of both worlds – your personal and professional lives working in synergy with each other. You get time away while building skills to make the most of the time you spend at work.

Your hobby can work for you – literally. It leads to BIGG success!

Have your hobbies helped you at work?

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