Answer this question for more sales

Answer This Question to Get More Sales from Your Website

Answer this question for more sales
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Every business transaction has psychology associated with it. Think about retailers. They carefully plan the design of a store to encourage shoppers to flow through it in a certain way. So they capture more sales.

The same is true of your web site. You want to answer one question:

What do you want visitors to do?

Of course – if you actually close deals online – the answer is: “Buy.”

However, for most businesses, that isn’t the answer.

You may want them to either “contact you” or “give you their e-mail.”


What do you want them to buy? Is it prominently displayed? For example, if you sell a single product online, do you feature it in the upper right-hand corner of your site?

If you have a number of products, do you have an e-store on your site? Do you feature your most profitable products “above the fold” so they don’t have to scroll down to see them? Do you categorize your products by type, price point, etc.?

When was the last time you reviewed your checkout process? Is it seamless?

These are just some of the questions that stem from the first one if you’re selling goods online.

Contact you

Most businesses aren’t trying to close deals online. They want to generate leads. So they want visitors to contact them.

Yet they bury their phone number and/or e-mail address!

Don’t make it hard for your visitors to do
what you want them to do. Make it easy!

If you want them to call you, display your phone number prominently on every page. If you want them to e-mail you, highlight your e-mail address.
Better yet, provide a form they can easily complete right on your site.

You may even do all of the above. Let them choose the means of contact with which they’re most comfortable.

Give you their e-mail

If your sales cycle is longer, this is likely your best bet. You want your visitors to give you their e-mail address.

This puts you in the driver’s seat. You can start communicating with them to build the relationship.

Your challenge is that people don’t often give out their e-mail address for no reason. What’s the benefit to them?

Do you have a white paper that provides them with valuable information? Do you have a premium you could offer in exchange for their e-mail? Is there something else you have used in the past to generate leads?

Whatever you offer visitors who give you their e-mail, be sure to prominently feature it – put it on every page of your site.

Also consider creating a special page just to describe the benefit of your free offering. For example, highlight some of the findings of your white paper. You’ll find this will help turn visitors into prospects.

Track and test

You know what you want visitors to do. Are they doing it? The only way you’ll know is to track your results.

Begin by establishing a baseline. How many visitors do you get now? How many turn into leads?

Then test something new – not two somethings plural, just one single thing. (We hope you’ll understand our redundancy for emphasis!)

See how the results compare to your baseline. If it’s better, keep doing it. If not, stop and test something else.

So determine what you want visitors to do. Then make it easy for them to do it and you’ll get more sales from your web site.

What do you want your site visitors to do?

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