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Module 1: How to Position Your Brand to Sell

Overview: Stripped of His Brand, He Lost $59,555 in an Hour

Section 1: How to Differentiate Your Brand

How to Be a Hero to Your Customers
How to Attract the Customers You Want
Your Business is Like a Castle with a Moat (and a Skyway)
The Secret to Building a Brand Today

Section 2: How to Create Messages That Sell

What’s in a Name That Sells?
The One Thing Your Customers Want to Know
What Do You Really Sell? (It’s Not What You Think)
How to Answer the Most Brutal Question in Business

Section 3: How to Use Images and Colors to Sell

How a Thousand Words Can Be Worth a Million Dollars
How to Attract Buyers (or Drive Them Away) in a Second

Section 4: How to Create Your Brand Strategy

This Twin Force Drives the Most Successful Brands
The Most Critical Factor in a Brand That Sells
The Secret to Creating a Free Sales Force for Your Brand
A Global Positioning System for Your Brand