Get Free Radio Publicity for Your Business


In this Entreprenurturing Session podcast, Public Relations specialist Barbara Rozgonyi will teach you how to get on high profile radio shows as an expert in your industry.

Click the player to listen (Duration – 35:40)

Entreprenurturing Session 001 | BIGG Success


In This Entreprenurturing Session You Will Learn:

  • How to become an expert in your field
  • How to be featured regularly on high profile radio shows
  • 3 ways to find hot topics
  • How to use Google Alerts to track news, trends and talk
  • What you need to promote yourself to radio stations
  • Strategies to partner with radio stations
  • The most important words you can say to a radio show host
  • What you need to have in your promotional package

About our guest:

Barbara is the founder of CoreyWest Media, LLC, and the conversation
host at Wired PR Works. She helps companies manage their image, promotetheir products, and tell their story. Barbara offers strategic marketing and PR consulting services, speaks to groups, talks to the media, and publishes information products. You’ll find almost 500 free marketing and PR articles on her web site at

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