Are you a business owner, future business owner or other professional looking to make the money you deserve from your knowledge and talents?

Imagine getting paid what you’re worth and
being recognized as the best (at what you do best),
so you can live your life on your own terms!

Dear Fellow Professional:

Do you want to make the kind of money you’ve always dreamed of making? Would you like to stand out from your peers and competitors? Do you want more time for the people and things you love?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re in the right place!

We’re George Krueger and Mary-Lynn Foster, the co-founders of BIGG Success. We’re one of the growing numbers of couples in business, doing what we love serving people who appreciate what we do. That’s life on our own terms.

But we haven’t always been so lucky.

[George] I’ve owned businesses my entire adult life. But one of the biggest mistakes I made was being too opportunistic, too focused externally. I came to realize the importance of aligning my passions and purpose with a market opportunity. I found my way thanks to employees and students – I teach Entrepreneurial Finance at the University of Illinois – telling me how much I helped them professionally and personally. It’s that feedback that led me to BIGG Success.

[Mary-Lynn] I was a radio broadcaster, working my way up to the prime time shift as the host of my own morning show. As my contract was coming up for renewal, I did some researching and soul-searching. I could see my industry changing. The opportunities for growth that had been there when I started my career just weren’t there anymore. I saw this world of new media and I wanted to explore it. I decided it was time to build my own brand. So I left the industry I loved to start BIGG Success – my first entrepreneurial endeavor. Funny thing – now I’m back in radio, only now it’s with our own syndicated talk show, BIGG Success in a Minute.

Now we’re living life on our own terms. We’d like to help you do it too.

You can’t predict the future. You have to create it.
We realized something along the way. Entrepreneurship isn’t a career choice. It’s the perfect mindset for navigating today’s uncertain world.

You see, entrepreneurs don’t try to predict the future. They create it.

Whether you’re a business owner or want to be one (and even if you want to “entrepreneur” your corporate career), we’ll help you create your future one month at a time.

How do we do it? Through coaching with benefits.

How we stopped working too much and making too little
BIGG Success wasn’t an instant hit. We found ourselves working too much and making too little. Then we hired a coach.

Our coach helped us get unstuck. We cleared out the mental clutter in our minds. We reached our goals faster.

So we believe in coaching. We started coaching people one-on-one. We were thrilled as client after client saw similar results to what we had experienced with our coach.

But there was a problem.

We ran into a lot of people who wanted us to coach them, but they just couldn’t afford it. Yes, that can be an excuse. Many people will never invest in themselves.

However, we knew them well enough to know it was legitimate. And we wanted to help.

So we looked for alternatives they could afford. No luck.

Then we had a brain storm!

What if we could create a program to offer live, custom coaching at a price anyone who’s serious about their future could afford?

So we did. That’s why we built the BIGG Success Entreprenurturing™ Center. It’s coaching with benefits to help you create your future a month at a time.

Get the help you need right now to take the next step
What’s on your mind? That’s how we start every coaching session with our one-on-one clients. We’ll ask you the same thing.

You can get your most pressing questions answered!

It’s a customizable program – providing help right where you are so you take the next step and get to the next level of success. You can get instant feedback from two people who’ve walked a thousand miles in your shoes.

We hold one group coaching session a month. If you can’t make it live, don’t worry. We record every session. Simply e-mail us your question and then get the answer at your convenience.

So far we’ve only talked about coaching. But we didn’t stop there.

Solutions to your biggest challenges, right when you need it
We bundled the group coaching service with a Premium Membership program. As a Premium Member of our Entreprenurturing™ Center, you get full, instant access to all of the Guides and Tutorials in our Store.

Other people can buy them a la carte. You won’t have to! You can get any of them, or all of them, anytime you want.

We take the most common challenges BIGG goal-getters face and provide solutions in these Guides and Tutorials.

As we publish new ones, you’ll immediately have instant access. You can get to them even before we announce to the public that they’re available!

That’s coaching with benefits!

In fact, we give Premium Member access to our one-on-one coaching clients during our engagement with them. They find it extremely valuable!

“We can’t thank BIGG Success enough! We truly value the insight from BIGG Success and would recommend any large or startup business to seek their advice. We have grown our business and we truly value the advice we receive from BIGG Success. We have been able to take our operation to the next level in all aspects as we continue to become more efficient and effective which in turn has increased our bottom line.”
~ Jason Amrani,

How can we help you?
[George] Over the years, I’ve owned 22 businesses and consulted with hundreds of others. Before beginning my career as an owner, I was a commission salesperson. I’ve also taught Entrepreneurial Finance for nearly two decades.

[Mary-Lynn] I was in the corporate world as a radio broadcaster for nearly twenty years. So I understand marketing through traditional media and now, with BIGG Success, I’ve learned how to use new media – from blogging and podcasting to websites and social media – to build a brand and a business.

So you can see we pack a powerful 1-2 punch:

  • entrepreneurial and corporate
  • experienced entrepreneur with a first-time entrepreneur
  • traditional media and new media
  • money and marketing
  • strategy and execution

We know what life is like in the trenches. Been there, done that.

But we also live on the leading edge. We know how to build a business and personal brand with the latest technology.

Here are some of the ways you’ll benefit from a Premium Membership in our Entreprenurturing™ Center:

  • We’ll help you stay focused so you don’t drift off course
  • We’ll keep you accountable to yourself so you reach your goals faster
  • We’ll provide an objective outside view to help you make better decisions
  • We’ll share resources with you so you accomplish more in less time
  • We’ll offer support when you need it so you keep pushing
  • We’ll cheer you on so you achieve even more
  • We’ll help you connect with people who can help you do more faster
  • We’ll help you think bigger so you reach your full potential

“George and Mary-Lynn are offering the business world an important and vital service. BIGG Success is packed with substantive information for expanding your horizons and opening new opportunities in business and in life.”
~ Jim Bouchard,

Are you willing to invest 22 cents a day in your future?
You pay just one low price for full access to all of our Guides, all of our Tutorials and the monthly group coaching sessions.

What’s it worth?

We’ll start with a caveat: It depends on what you put into it.

If you fully engage with us, if you participate in the monthly calls and if you take action, it’s truly priceless.

Just one BIGG thought may be all you need to create the life of your dreams!

With that in mind, let’s try to reduce it to a dollar amount. Over the course of the year, here’s the value of the Tutorials, Guides and Coaching Sessions you’ll have access to:

Premium upgrade_table1-79

That’s right. You pay only $79 a year for all of these benefits.

It’s the most affordable “coaching with benefits” program you’ll ever see!

Why would we price it so affordably?

Simple – we don’t want money to hold you back. Are you willing to invest 22 cents a day in your future?

We know we could charge more. In fact, we plan to. But you can leave that to others. You’re getting a deal!

But we’re still not through. Right now, you’ll also get these bonuses:

Premium Membership LIfetime Price LockBonus #1: Lifetime Lock in ($650+ value)
Join now and you’ll lock in your price for life!

No matter how many new Guides we add, no matter how many Tutorials you have access to, you’ll always pay the same low annual membership fee.

The price for a Premium Membership will go up. No matter how high it goes, your rate will be locked in when you join now!

Custom Life Blend PackageBonus #2: Custom Life Blend Kit ($70 value)
Join now and you’ll get our latest BIGG Success Kit, Forget Work Life Balance: Create a Custom Life Blend. You’ll discover seven habits which will help you be more productive while enjoying more free time!

The kit includes seven audio coaching sessions plus a Quick Start Guide, Workbook and text summaries of each of the coaching sessions.

Little Book on BIGG Success CoverBonus #3: The Little Book on BIGG Success ($10 value)
And when we say “little”, we mean it. We’ve become known for short-form content and we put that to the test in this little book.

In 187 words, you’ll learn a three-step system to live your life on your own terms. You can read it in minutes. You’ll get a lifetime of value.


Just think about it. You get instant access to:

Premium upgrade_table2_79

You pay just $79 a year for life when you go Premium now!
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BIGG-GuaranteeYour BIGG guarantee
We believe the BIGG Success Entreprenurturing™ Center offers you unparalleled value. However, we also believe our opinion on that means less than your opinion. So here’s our BIGG guarantee…

Within the first sixty days of your Premium Membership, if for any reason you decide you want your money back, just let us know. We’ll refund your entire year’s fee immediately with no questions asked.

Think of it as a test drive. You can kick the tires, take it out on the road and see if you like it.

To be fair to both of us, we just ask that you really do get behind the wheel, put it in gear, and try to take off.

See…we’re offering some coaching advice already!

It’s because we want you to be a BIGG success! And we know that’s much more likely to happen when you fully engage with us and participate in the group coaching calls.

We look forward to seeing what you can do with a little help from us! We want you to start seeing results quickly.

You’re not alone
There’s another reason we created the BIGG Success Entreprenurturing™ Center. We can best explain it by relaying our conversation with one entrepreneur.

He was so down. You could see it instantly in his body language. He was slouched over. He moved slowly. Frankly, he looked terrible.

He had missed his self-imposed milestones. He was working daylight to dark and beyond.

He was exhausted – physically, mentally and emotionally. He said he was almost out of money. He had no time for his friends and family. He was ready to quit.

“I just feel so isolated,” he said.

We listened to him. We assured him that we knew how he felt. We’ve lived through it ourselves.

Then with a combination of encouragement and business advice, we helped him feel better and get more focused.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the steps he had to take, we helped him find his next step. We helped him see that he could take that next step.

Now his business is up and running. He has a spring in his step. He’s a new man. To this day, he still thanks us for that conversation.

As a Premium Member, you’ll know you’re not alone. You never have to feel isolated.

Sure, there aren’t a lot of people who you can talk with honestly about your BIGG goals and challenges. They can’t relate.

In short, they don’t understand you. You want to live life on your own terms and now you have a place to turn.

You can talk with people who are going through the same experiences now or who have experienced the same things in the past.

That’s entreprenurturing™. It’s entrepreneuring with the power of nurturing.

It’s about sharing, growing and prospering together. So you make better decisions. You feel more confident. You have more clarity. You don’t give up. You take the next step.

So take the next step and go Premium now!

Here’s to your BIGG success!

signatures: George & Mary-Lynn

P.S. Sign up for your Premium Membership now to lock in your lifetime rate of just $79 a year. Remember you’ll also get the Custom Life Blend Kit and The Little Book on BIGG Success. Click “Join Now” to go Premium!

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