He Tweaked His Dream and Became a Hollywood Hit

Jesse in Carls Jr Commercial
“Mrs. Robinson” – The Jim Beam® Bourbon Burger at Carl’s Jr.®

If you watch TV for any time, you’ll see Jesse LeBeau. He’s the co-star of the Carl’s Jr. / Hardees commercial with Heidi Klum.

The ad is a spoof of The Graduate. Jesse plays the innocent young man, the same role Dustin Hoffman played in the movie.

We met Jesse at a conference. We loved his story – a small town boy overcomes all the odds to turn his passion for basketball into a Hollywood career.

Jesse shows us that sometimes you have to tweak your passion to turn your dream into reality.

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Entreprenurturing Session 005 | BIGG Success

In This Entreprenurturing Session, You Will Learn:

  • why Jesse fell in love with sports, particularly basketball
  • how he overcame being the smallest kid in his class
  • what really inspired him to keep playing basketball
  • how to turn a perceived obstacle into a strength
  • how an experience similar to The Deadliest Catch helped him
  • about his BIGG defining moment, which got him to Hollywood
  • what his parents did that really helped him go for it
  • the significant thing he learned in his first audition
  • a key characteristic Jesse prides himself on which is critical to success
  • how he positioned himself to get a gig (for Kobe Bryant’s Nike brand)
  • how his passion for basketball helped him meet actors, directors and producers
  • what led to him getting the national spot with Heidi Klum
  • Jesse’s key for overcoming obstacles
  • why giving back to kids is so important to him

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About our guest:
Jesse LeBeau has been featured on the national stage as both an actor and an athlete. He’s also a budding motivational speaker and author of the upcoming book, Among the Giants. It’s his story about an underdog turning his dream into reality.

Our picture with Jesse, minus the burger!

George and Mary-Lynn with Jesse LeBeau

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