Alex Ruggieri extended interview BIGG Success Entreprenurturing

How a Local Broker Became a National Thought Leader

Alex Ruggieri extended interview BIGG Success Entreprenurturing

Alex Ruggieri is a highly-recognized real estate broker and Senior Advisor for Sperry Van Ness. But he’s also a media mogul, with a radio show called Central Illinois Business; a TV segment, Business Insider segment on WCIA Channel 3, and the Commercial Connections Podcast for the National Association of REALTORS®

When starting out as a broker, Alex didn’t have the money to spend on billboards or media advertising to help him stand out from the crowd. So he asked himself this question: “What do I have that I can give that would provide value to others that isn’t money?”

What he came up with has made him a thought leader in his industry at both the local and national level….

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Entreprenurturing Session 10 | BIGG Success

In This Entreprenurturing™ Session, learn:

  • What sparked the idea to host his own show
  • How he pitched his show idea to a TV station
  • How he convinced the station managers that he should host the show
  • His scrappy method of learning how to host the show
  • How his work in media has helped his bottom line
  • His “Jay Leno Theory” and how it can work for you
  • His advice on how to find that one thing that can elevate your brand

Plus, Alex shares a BIGG defining moment that pushed him towards the work ethic he still uses today.

We hope you are as inspired by Alex after listening to this interview as he always leaves us.

Learn more about Alex here.

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