target your customers

How to Get the Customers You Want

target your customers
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It’s kind of ironic – the customers who demand the lowest price also often demand the best service.

Even then, they’re often not happy. The good news is they won’t refer you to anybody.

Why is that good news? Because you don’t want more customers like them.

Yet many people in business and sales flock to serve them. It’s a waste of time and money.

The secret

In case you missed it, we interviewed Michael Port, author of the fantastic book, Book Yourself Solid on The BIGG Success Show. He talked about instituting a red velvet rope policy.

He talks about a nightclub in Manhattan that refused to allow Paris Hilton and her entourage in.

Was that bad for business? No!

In fact, it was quite the opposite – his business skyrocketed!

Why? Because the customers he wanted didn’t want to go to a club where she hung out.

We cast no dispersions on Paris Hilton. It’s just that your best customers may be avoiding you because of the customers you have.

We’ve seen this phenomenon with clients. We’ve experienced it personally in our businesses.

What’s the lesson?

The secret to getting more of the customers you want
is to serve fewer customers that you don’t want.

So how can you get more of the best customers?

Stop marketing to everyone

Far too many business owners, managers and sales people think every living, breathing human being is their customer.

Here’s an important principle to remember:

When you market to everyone, you market to no one.

We can’t claim that to be an original. We don’t know who said it first. We first heard it from one of our coaches.

When you try to market to everyone, the message gets watered down. You’re not relevant to the prospects you really want to attract.

Targeting isn’t limiting

But this can be scary. We know. We’ve felt the fear.

Fortunately, we had good people nudging us in the right direction. We hope to do the same for you.

You have to understand this:

By targeting the customers you really want to serve, you don’t limit your business. In fact, the opposite usually occurs.

You’ll likely get more business because you can serve them more personally and precisely. You can take care of them like few other people.

Why? It’s because…

  • you know them
  • you enjoy working with them
  • they trust you

So you’ll lock out the competition. Referrals will increase.

And guess what? Since people tend to hang out with people like themselves, you’ll get more of your best customers.

The questions to ask

But it all starts with determining who you want to target. The best way to do that is to answer one simple question:

Who are your best customers now?

Chances are they’re your favorites. Chances are they’re your most profitable.

Coincidence? Unlikely.

Once you’ve identified your best customers, simply ask them: How can we serve you better?

How do you get more of the customers you really want?

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