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The Impact Equation Book Cover

In this Entreprenurturing™ Session, we chat with Chris Brogan about his book, The Impact Equation. We aired a small portion of this interview on The BIGG Success Show. As a member of the Entreprenurturing™ Center, you get to hear our whole conversation with Chris.

Click the player to listen (Duration – 21:23)
Entreprenurturing Session 004 | BIGG Success


In This Entreprenurturing Session, You Will Learn:

  • the four major elements for making an impact
  • why you need to think like a media company
  • why the core triangle of business is still important
  • how to stand out and not be a “me too” business
  • why it’s important to think “and” instead of “or” with media
  • why saying it so it’s shareable is so important today
  • silly mistakes businesses make in the digital realm which destroy trust
  • two critical things that determine whether someone buys from you or not
  • the #1 key Chris credits for his BIGG success
  • Chris’ thoughts on impact and legacy
  • a great tip on creating value when you launch a product
  • a behind-the-scenes tip for future authors

About our guest:
Chris Brogan is one of the most prolific figures on the web, including being named Forbes #1 social media influencer. He’s a blogger, speaker, consultant, New York Times best-selling author and the President of Human Business Works, a media and education company.

To learn more about The Impact Equation, listen to our Entreprenurturing Session with Chris’s co-author, Julien Smith.

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