Stuck in place

How to Stop Settling and Get What You Want

Stuck in place
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“There has to be more.” Do you ever say that to yourself?

You know you could do so much more, to be so much more. So what keeps you stuck in place, settling for the status quo?

Here are a few of the reasons that hold many people back:

  • The pain isn’t great enough
  • It’s easier than “rocking the boat”
  • Change is scary so we resist it

From this we can see…

The poisonous recipe for remaining stuck:
2 parts Apathy
1 part Fear

Fortunately, you can take an antidote to stop settling and get unstuck.

The antidote to get unstuck is:
1 part Discontent
2 parts Purpose


Money may not buy happiness, but research shows that happiness buys money. The happiest people make more money and face fewer periods of unemployment than less happy people.

In other words – more money with less risk!

However, the same research shows something even more interesting – the happiest people aren’t the most successful. That’s reserved for people who are happy but not content.

So it’s about finding the right blend.

Recognize and be happy about what you have already achieved. But mix in the discontent that will inspire you to action and get you unstuck.

What would you like to change in your life right now?


A lot of people have the talent. Yet few do much with it.

Others don’t appear to have what’s needed. Yet they go on to BIGG success.

This was an observation made by Albert E.N. Gray about salespeople in the insurance industry.

He discovered the difference between success and failure:

The most successful people have a strong connection
to a practical purpose which sparks their emotions.

What’s your purpose? How will you make a difference in the lives of others?

Fulfill your purpose and you’ll also make a difference in your own life. That’s BIGG success!

How do you get unstuck?

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