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How Your List May be Affected by Yahoo Account Closings

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On July 15th, Yahoo will begin removing users who haven’t logged into their email account for a year. They are doing this to free up inactive addresses, so that active users can have more personalized email addresses.

Why does this matter to you? Your email list may contain users who’s email address is about to be removed, then reassigned to someone else. So it’s possible that the new owner will get your emails, and mark you as spam.

Below are steps to take to remove inactive email addresses from two of the most popular email providers.


1. In your “Manage Subscribers” section, search for Email that contains, and No Opens since 7/08/2013. Then Save Segment As: Yahoo No Opens.

AWeber example1

2. On the left hand side, find your segment named Yahoo No Opens. Check the all box, then Unsubscribe.

AWeber example2

Constant Contact

We contacted support for this one. They do not have an option like AWeber to search your list is this manner. Here’s what they told us:

[CC] Unfortunately there is no way to pull the open reports for a year. Open reports are also not 100% correct, due to the nature of email tracking. In a case like this, I would recommend just seeing which emails come back as Non Existent after that date and then clearing them out from that bounce list.

[Us] Well thanks for a solution. Just don’t want to be marked as spam once those accounts get reassigned.

[CC] Understandable. It’s likely they will not be reassigned that quickly, unless it’s a username that is in demand.

To follow Constant Contact’s advice:

1. Click on the Contacts tab, then Manage Bounces. Next, select an email.

ConstantContact example1

2. Choose your options, and click Remove or Do Not Mail.

ConstantContact example 2

By removing these emails now, you’ll prevent bounces and complaints. And if the new owner of a removed address subscribes to your email list, they’ll be able to, and happy to hear from you.

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