Your Place for Entreprenurturing

  • Fight fear and frustration
  • Find freedom and fulfillment
  • Live life on your own terms
  • Make more money, more dependably with more meaning

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That’s the promise of the BIGG Success Enteprenurturing™ Center. It’s entrepreneuring with the power of nurturing!

Does it fit you?

Is the BIGG Success Entreprenurturing™ Center right for you? It is if:

  • at times, you feel alone – perhaps even isolated – and would like to be part of a community of like-minded people with heart, people who fully get what you’re going through because they’ve lived it themselves
  • you feel like you’ve reached a plateau, yet you know you have so much more potential and aren’t sure how to bring it out
  • you see the business world changing and you want to keep up but you’re struggling to do so
  • you want to think like an entrepreneur in your life and career
  • you want to start a business sometime soon
  • you want to bring in some extra income from your talents
  • you want to grow your existing business wisely
  • you want to be a BIGG success and help other people do the same

It’s not for:

  • someone who believes they will get rich quick if they only find the right program, so they jump from one program to another without ever accomplishing anything other than spending a bunch of money and wearing out their welcome with the people they know
  • someone who either doesn’t feel like they need any help or who thinks that asking for help is a sign of weakness, not strength
  • someone for whom money is the end – not a means to the end – and so they’re willing to walk over anybody and everybody in their pursuit of riches and take, take, take but never give

We could go on, but we don’t need to if you’re a good fit. You get it by now because you’re smart enough to figure out some things without being explicitly told.

As you can see, we don’t discriminate by demographics, only by desire. We’ll sum it up with this:

The BIGG Success Entreprenurturing™ Center is for you
if you’re genuinely looking for real answers, not just easy ones.

How it helps you

You simply can’t expect to reach the next level of success with the same level of knowledge. You need to grow in three areas:

  • Personal development – Soft skills are more important than ever. Personal leadership is the starting point for BIGG success.
  • General business knowledge – Many people fail in life and business because they lack these basic skills. You need to know enough to know when: when to push ahead, when to pull back, when you’re veering off course or when someone is trying to fool you.
  • Business-specific knowledge – You need to know your industry and your field.

We can help you with the first two, but not the last one. That’s what associations, franchisors and best practices groups are for.

But the first two are the ones many entrepreneurs struggle with most. You are the entrepreneur of your life. You own it.

Your career is part of that life. Whether you’re a corporate entrepreneur or an entrepreneur in the traditional sense, you need to grow personally and professionally (unless you plan to stay right where you are).

Here are some specific examples of how a membership in the BIGG Success Entreprenurturing™ Center may help you:

  • If you aren’t sure what to do next with your career or business, we can help you move on, move up or move forward.
  • If you’re struggling to keep up with the constant change we face today, we’ll help you stay on the leading-edge. Note that we didn’t say bleeding edge! We bring you proven concepts, not theoretical ideas.
  • Many corporate entrepreneurs are “thrown” into leadership. Many traditional entrepreneurs are a leader by default. In both cases, they often aren’t prepared. Research shows that people run from ill-prepared bosses or never fully “own” their jobs. We’ll help you blossom as a leader.
  • Research shows entrepreneurs struggle to understand the finances of their business. Yet they have a strong desire (and a reason) to do so. We’ll help you wrap your arms around this subject so you clearly understand what’s going on in your business.
  • We talk with a lot of people who are confused (and even scared) by the new way of marketing. Some of them stick their head in the sand and do nothing. Others jump in with both feet and get nothing but frustration. Still others get sold a “bill of goods” by a huckster who capitalizes on their lack of knowledge. They all fail. We’ll help you understand how to build a business today, using less money than ever before.

What you get

  • Newsletters
    Every week, you’ll get a newsletter that keeps you abreast of new members-only content along with all the happenings here at BIGG Success.
  • Articles
    We do a deep dive into timely topics to help you with your personal and professional development. In addition, we’ll keep you up-to-date on tools and resources that you will find useful on any number of fronts – from productivity to marketing.We plan to add a personal development and a professional development article every week. You also have access to all the archives at your convenience.We have designed the Entreprenurturing™ Center to be easy to search, so you can get the answers you need, when you need them.
  • Entreprenurturing™ Sessions podcast
    We’ll bring you authors, subject-specific experts and thought leaders to help you grow personally and professionally. We plan on adding at least two sessions every month.
    This is the long-form version of our popular podcast, The BIGG Success Show, which offers advice in 10 minutes or less. Entreprenurturing™ Sessions are generally 15 – 20 minutes of content reserved exclusively for members.
  • Guides (Premium members)
    We take a really deep dive into subjects that we get the most questions about. These Guides are e-books where we assemble all the pieces in one place so you can immediately take action.
  • Tutorials (Premium members)
    In some cases, Guides won’t cut it. We feel like you will benefit from seeing and hearing us explain the concepts. So we have created these videos to walk you step-by-step through a process you can implement immediately in your life, your career or your business.
  • Entreprenurturing™ Tele-Sessions (Premium members)
    We’re live once a month for an hour long group coaching call. You’ll get the answers to your most pressing questions.But don’t worry if you can’t make a session. They’re all recorded (barring technical difficulties) so you can access them at your convenience.In addition, entrepreneuring is an emotional experience. But your friends and family may not get it. But we will. So will the other like-minded BIGG goal-getters in our community. You’ll get the strength you need to keep pushing for your BIGG success!
  • More to come (Premium members)
    As our community expands and we get more resources, we plan to continue adding benefits for our Premium Members. Of course, we have some ideas of our own. But we’ll get yours before we proceed so we’re sure to bring you the most timely materials, to help you reach BIGG success faster!

How you can participate

Here’s a visual summary of the two levels of participation: