Overcome Fear and Uncertainty with a Black Belt Mindset


We all face it at any level of success: fear and uncertainty. There’s fear of financial loss, fear of not knowing what to do, fear of making a bad decision, and ultimately, fear of failure. While fear helps us to be cautious, we can’t let it make us so risk averse that we become paralyzed.

For advice on how to overcome fear, we reached out to Jim Bouchard. He’s in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and author of Think Like a Black Belt. He also speaks to organizations across the country where he shares his Black Belt Mindset.

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Entreprenurturing Session 004 | BIGG Success

In this Entreprenurturing Session, Jim shares:

  • How to manage fear and doubt to avoid what he calls “the triangle of failure”
  • What you should be training for right now to prepare for change
  • What Jim did when circumstances and conditions almost shut down one of his businesses
  • What he believes is the one defining factor of successful entrepreneurs
  • What you must constantly do to transform and be ready to see an opportunity when it presents itself
  • His BIGG definining moment: a decision that changed his life forever

You can learn more about Jim at JimBouchard.org and ThinkLikeABlackBelt.org.

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