How to Advance in Your Career Using Social Media_image

We often speak to groups of business owners about using social media to grow their company. Then we were asked to speak to a group of young professionals about using social media to advance in their career.

We were curious: How much did they already know? We were surprised by what we learned. They are very social media savvy. However, they knew relatively little about how to use social media as a tool for career advancement.

So we built this tutorial to change that. Inside you’ll learn how to use social media strategically to grow professionally and showcase your expertise.

While we specifically designed it for employees, you’ll also find it helpful if you want to make more money from your knowledge, talents, products and services.

Here what you’ll find inside:

  • We start by putting it all into context – to help you understand the essence of social media in the business world
  • You’ll discover seven questions to ask your employer BEFORE you start using social media to advance in your career
  • We discuss the traps people get snagged by when using social media, and how you can avoid them
  • You’ll learn about four things to think about to protect yourself when using social media
  • You’ll learn about a critical component of a personal social media strategy, which many people miss
  • We’ll share three keys to building an effective social media presence
  • You’ll discover the best place to showcase your expertise and three ways to do it
Price $49.99