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“I don’t care what you had for lunch.” That’s the objection we hear from many business owners and executives.

We get it. But you’re taking a huge risk if you dismiss social media as “just a bunch of chatter about nothing.” You may be handing the future to your competitors.

That’s why we wrote The Business Case for Social Media: for Business Owners and Executives Who Hate Social Media. We have a passion for helping business owners reach BIGG success.

It’s a complete introduction to social media. We want to help you make a fully informed decision about this new medium. You’ll get practical advice and straight talk from two business owners who understand how to use social media to drive business growth.

We also think there’s another purpose for this work. You may already get it, but you need the approval of a business owner or executive before you can move forward. We talk with a lot of people in your situation. This Guide will help you present the best case to them.

Here’s a detailed outline of what you’ll find in the pages of this e-book:

  • 6 ways social media creates leverage for your business
  • what exactly social media is
  • 3 major types of social media
  • the main reason your business should use social media
  • 4 ways social media can help your business grow
  • 2 major differences between online and real world branches
  • why it’s so important to understand the “culture” of social media
  • the huge risk you take by not participating online
  • the new nature of customer service
  • 4 critical components of business communications today
  • why a commitment from top management is essential for BIGG success
  • the role of social media in your total communications plan
  • who should be responsible for your organization’s social media efforts
  • why you should think “and” instead of “or” when choosing media
  • how to measure your return on investment
  • 3 tips for finding the time
  • a critical error when getting started
  • what to do before you get your business started on social media
  • 3 steps to getting started


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