Using Breakeven 2 Cover

If you’re a business owner or manager, you simply must understand how to use Breakeven in your business. And once you understand ALL the ways you can use it, you’ll realize it’s a tool you can’t do without!

[George] I’m fanatical about Breakeven. I just simply can’t imagine running a business without it. I’ll guarantee you’re missing opportunities if you don’t fully understand it.

That’s why we created this tutorial. Once you’ve been through it, you’ll understand your business better than ever! It will help you assess risk and serve as a guide for every single business decision you make!

Here’s a more detailed explanation of what’s covered:

  • We’ll show you how you can use breakeven to know IN SECONDS how much profit you make every day in your business
  • We’ll help you understand the two types of leverage in your business and how they impact your risk
  • You’ll see how to use a twist on breakeven that will help you quickly know how much sales you need to reach a target profit
  • We’ll uncover how to use breakeven to set your prices so you make the kind of money you want
  • You’ll learn how to use this tool to get your people excited about hitting your numbers
  • You’ll see how to use breakeven to help you make better decisions day-to-day


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