Tele-Session April 2013

Entreprneurturing Tele-Sessions

In this Entreprenurturing Tele-Session, we helped Premium members with questions about: using an email service provider, how to get employees more engaged, and more. Below is the audio for playback/download, and the call notes with marked times of where we answered specific questions.

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Entreprenurturing Tele-Session 002 | BIGG Success

Call Notes
Here are the questions we addressed during the call, along with the beginning and end times of our answer.

1. (:38-2:52)
John asked if he should buy his own domain name, for example

2. (8:26-17:50)
Carolyn wanted to know if she should send communications to her list with her email account, or if she should use an email service provider.

*Bonus PDF with this question: Why Free Can Be Costly

3. (2:58-8:10)
Pam says her employees don’t take any responsibility for anything beyond their basic job duties. They don’t seem to care about the BIGG picture or really care about the company as a whole. What should see do?

4. (18:03-21:08)
Ken asks what would be a good business to start if he needs to keep his full-time job to support his family.


We look forward to talking with you next month. Check the Tele-Session page for call-in information, date and time.