Tele-Session August 2013

Entreprneurturing Tele-Sessions

During this Entreprenurturing™ Tele-Session, we answer questions about how to handle interviews when you’ve been fired from your previous job, how much risk entrepreneurs need to be willing to take, plus, we share the #1 secret of the world’s most successful people..

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Entreprenurturing Tele-Session 006 | BIGG Success

Call Notes
Here are the questions we addressed during the call, along with the beginning and end times of our answer.

1. (0:00-3:45)
We shared how we did with our 30-Day Challenge, plus share what we’ll do in the next 30 days. Do you want to commit to accomplishing a goal in the next 30 days? Let us know! Just message us on your Tele-Sessions page.

2. (3:49-6:57)
Samantha recently got fired from her job. She says the reasons were because the work she was doing was outside of her expertis, and she didn’t click with her supervisor. She asked us for advice on how to explain this during her upcoming interviews.

3. (6:57-13:29)

Background: We received quite of bit of response to an article we recently posted on the fear that leads to fulfillment. We said fear of failure has two sides (good and bad), and we shared a quote from Will Smith about his work ethic – he says he’ll outwork anyone, even “die on a treadmill” trying.
One member said he used that quote in a sales meeting – it was a perfect fit for their topic. Another member responded because he’s launching a new product.  I am releasing a new product today and the fear is always there….but, fear in a good way makes us perform better. There were many more, including several on the other side. Julie asked us to address this today. She says, “I don’t want to ‘die on a treadmill’. Does that mean I’m not cut out to be an entrepreneur?” We share our answer to her.

Closing Thought: (13:30-22:34)
Learn the #1 secret of the world’s most successful people.

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