Tele-Session January 2014

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In this Tele-Session, we discuss the BIGG Brief – What’s Hot in 2014, and break down the top trends for the year ahead. Click PLAY to begin the exercise with us.

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Entreprenurturing Tele-Session 011 | BIGG Success

Call Notes
What’s Hot in 2014: Trends Influencing Your Life, Career and Business

One thing we’ve often heard – there’s just so much information out there. How do I process it all? How do I keep up?

Turn to us! . We’ve mastered the process of reducing it all into bite-sized chunks.

So as a Premium Member:

  • We’ll protect you, by helping identify threats early.
  • We’ll save you time by filtering the mountains of information down into actionable nuggets.
  • And we’ll help you discover opportunities to prosper.

With this in mind, we released this 1st BIGG Brief for you. We spent hours sorting through the volumes of data about the year ahead so you can grasp it in minutes.

**Haven’t downloaded it yet? >>CLICK HERE<<

2014 Summary

BIGG success is life on your own terms. We can summarize 2014 in two terms: fart and smart.

Let’s start with smart. Our point in this BIGG Brief is that you can put the smart label in front of just about anything – Smartwatches, smart appliances, smart TVs, smart alek!

We share a few of the BIGG developments you’ll see in the year and years ahead – terms you should get familiar with if you aren’t already. Like the Internet of Things.

Another one is 3D printing.  And we have a story which really helped us understand it’s potential thanks to Easton LaChappelle.

Technology 2014

In addition, we’re watching the technology sector. It experienced a brief hiccup, but otherwise has hardly been touched by the Great Recession.

A great article from Fast Company hit our radar recently. It talks about 8 ways technology will change the world over the next 5 years. Definitely worth a look. Although, no real surprises if you’ve read Hot in 2014. Click here for the article.

Hottest Jobs 2014

Out of all the studies we saw about the hottest jobs in the coming year, the one we shared with you in the BIGG Brief did a really good job of combining growth and income. Growth is great, but you want to get paid well too, right?

Now a lot of people look at a list like this and say one of the following:
“I’m not interested in any of them.”
“I’m not qualified and I don’t want to get qualified.”

It’s the wrong approach. Take for example the Franchise 500. It’s Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of the 500 best franchise opportunities. (BTW: In case you missed it in our last email, we chatted with the Executive Editor of Entrepreneur and the CEO of the #1 franchise. Click here for the interview.

Hot Pockets 2014

That’s how you find hot pockets. We show you three ways to do that in the BIGG Brief
1) Common denominators: e.g. Education is hot. 2 jobs: Training Specialists, Meeting Planners.
2) Spin-offs: e.g. Meeting Planners >> Corporate travel?
3) Money trail: Meeting Planners fragmented, small players >> Niche

One caveat: Separate trends from fads. Fads come and go. Don’t worry about them. Trends are long-term. You need to get on board with them. Shad Khan story: compact cars vs trucks, Japanese vs Detroit. $25M  $3B.

So now you’re loaded with information. It’s worthless unless you act upon it.

Suggested Action Steps:

Ask: What’s hot in your industry or areas of interest?
For each hot item, ask: Is it a fad or a trend?
For each trend, ask: What opportunities will be created?
For each opportunity, ask: What’s your next step? e.g. I need to learn ___.

Here’s to your BIGG success!