Tele-Session July 2013

Entreprneurturing Tele-Sessions

During this Entreprenurturing™ Tele-Session, we answer questions about the attitude of an entrepreneur, whether buying a franchise is less risky than starting your own business, how GMail’s recent changes affect your list, plus, we share reports on our 30-Day Challange.

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Entreprenurturing Tele-Session 005 | BIGG Success

Call Notes
Here are the questions we addressed during the call, along with the beginning and end times of our answer.

1. (:00-4:20)
Rick took our 30 Day Challenge! Find out what he did, and how we did with our goals too. Do you want to commit to accomplishing a goal in the next 30 days? Let us know! Just message us on your Tele-Sessions page.

2. (4:43-7:33)
Randy asks an interesting question: “Should a business person see the glass as half full or half empty?’

3. (7:34-10:12)
Vicki says she’s exploring opportunities and wonders whether she should buy a franchise or go it alone.

4. (10:15-17:36)
Stephanie asks how Gmail’s recent changes affect marketing to her list. We explain (and Mary-Lynn goes on a little rant.)

Closing Thought: (17:42-21:03)
We shared the reasoning behind our strategy of reaching out to our network and pre-selling our upcoming product before it’s ready for market

We look forward to talking with you next month. Check the Tele-Session page for call-in information, date and time.