Tele-Session June 2013

Entreprneurturing Tele-Sessions

During this Entreprenurturing™ Tele-Session, we answer questions about: starting a business with a friend, how to find more help when your business is thriving, and where to start when deciding on a new career. Below is the audio for playback/download, and the call notes with marked times of where we answered specific questions.

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Entreprenurturing Tele-Session 004 | BIGG Success

Call Notes
Here are the questions we addressed during the call, along with the beginning and end times of our answer.

1. (:04-3:45)
We have begun a new challenge called “Action Step: Before our next call I will…” So what will you commit to doing before our call next month? We reveal ours as well, and will let you know how we did on the next call.

2. (5:25-11:45)
Brandon says he’s working on an idea for a business. After talking with a friend about it, he wants to get on board too. So Brandon asked: “How do you suggest we set up the business to be fair to both of us?”

3. (12:04-17:35)
Tom owns a software development company that’s getting slammed with projects. He says he need help and wonders if we can suggest where he can I get it?”

4. (17:49-24:33)
Julia’s had the same job for a few years now. After doing some soul-searching, realizes she wants to do something different. She asked us where she should start for deciding on a new career?”

Closing Thought:
We share why we created our new bonus download, Decide! 5 Keys to Know What to Do Next. Make sure to download your copy.

We look forward to talking with you next month. Check the Tele-Session page for call-in information, date and time.