Tele-Session November 2013

Entreprneurturing Tele-Sessions

During this Entreprenurturing™ Tele-Session, we answered questions about pricing a new service, how to decide what to blog about, and what to do with a client that asks for more than what they’re paying for.

Plus, we update our 30-Day Challenges and share what makes you happier than money!

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Entreprenurturing Tele-Session 009 | BIGG Success

Call Notes
Here are the questions we addressed during the call, along with the beginning and end times of our answer.

1. (0:00-2:52)
We shared how we did with our 30-Day Challenge, plus what we’ll do in the next 30 days. Do you want to commit to accomplishing a goal in the next 30 days? Let us know! Just message us on your Tele-Sessions page.

2. (3:36-6:43)
Jen says her company is adding a new service and asks for advice on pricing it.

3. (6:46-10:11)
Theresa wants to get started writing online to see if anyone in her field is interested in what she has to say. The problem is: She has 3  different ideas of what to write about, and wants some help choosing one.

4. (10:16-14:16) Lori told us there are people she wants to follow on Twitter but because they post all the time, it’s all she sees in her stream. She asked for tips to find more of what she’s really interested in.

5. (14:36-18:58) Todd has a client who is really picky and constantly demanding more…more attention, more service, more everything. He wants advice on how to handle a client who’s asking for more than they paid for.

Closing Thought: (14:23-17:20)
Learn what makes you happier than money.

We look forward to talking with you next month. Check the Tele-Session page for call-in information, date and time.