The One Thing Customers Really Want From Your Website

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Module 2: How to Plan a Website That Sells
Section 4: Blueprint for a Website That Sells
Post 2: The One Thing Customers Really Want From Your Website

2008. The year the Great Recession reared its ugly head.

As people watched the value of their homes and retirement accounts plummet, they cut back on spending. Not just a little bit – drastically.

It was the worst of times. Marcus Sheridan found himself in the worst business in the world. He sold in-ground swimming pools.

Talk about discretionary purchases! Nobody had to have a pool.

He knew he had to do something – fast. But what?

He knew he couldn’t afford to spend a bunch of money. It probably wouldn’t help anyway, given the state of the economy.

So he did something simple and inexpensive – he starting blogging. On his company’s blog, he answered every question a customer might have about buying a pool.

Every post ends with an offer for a free download – The Only Fiberglass Pool Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need.

River Pools Download

As you can see, he continues the theme by answering the four major questions every pool buyer has. But note – he gets potential buyers email addresses before he provides the answers to these most important questions.

It worked. Today, his company – River Pools – gets more traffic than any pool site in the world.

He was drowning in despair. Now he’s swimming in success.

Source: Copyblogger

What’s the one thing your customers really want from your website?

That’s simple – they want you to answer all of their questions.

But you won’t be successful if you don’t consider your own needs as well. That’s been the point of this entire Module.

We started with you. Then we went to customers. Finally, we talked about your second customer – the search engines.

Now it’s time to put it all together. We’ll get you to think about which questions you want to answer publicly, for the sake of your customers and search engines. We’ll also consider answers you may want to provide privately, for the sake of your bottom line.

Next Step

Congratulations! You’ve completed the reading for Module 2. Here’s what to do to complete it:

  • Complete Part 2 of the Blueprint for a Website That Sells Guidebook (along with Part 1 if you haven’t done so already.)
  • Then schedule your second personal coaching session. Just click here and select 3 times. We’ll respond vial email to confirm one of them.
  • After the coaching session, review your four Guidebooks again and make any changes. Email us once you’re done and we’ll send it off to our web designer.
  • Then you’ll be ready for Module 3.

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