Twitter Got Hacked: Here’s What to Do

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In case you missed the recent, a hacker claims to have gained access into Twitter login details. While the hacker didn’t gain access to your password, he said he’s gained access to your username and the OAuth Tokens for 3rd party apps.

Here’s what that means: Let’s say you use a tool like Hootsuite to push your tweets to Twitter. Or you have set up Pinterest to be able to login via your Twitter account…that’s a 3rd party app. And through its service, you granted them permission to access your Twitter account to be able to post for you which is OAuth.

Twitter has responded saying that no accounts have been compromised. Regardless, it’s been recommended to protect your account from hacking, by going into your Twitter account, revoke access to all of your 3rd party apps, then give access back as needed.

How to Revoke Access to 3rd Party Apps
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to revoke access to 3rd party apps in Twitter:

Click on your settings


Click on apps


All of the 3rd party apps you are using are listed here. Click Revoke access.


That’s it! When you refresh your browser, your apps will be gone.

How to Grant Access Back to 3rd Party Apps

Next, we’ll show you how to give permission back to a 3rd Party app using two examples, Hootsuite and Pinterest.

First, go to Twitter and make sure you are logged into your Twitter account. Then, from your Hootsuite dashboard, click on your name.


You’ll see all of the social networks you’ve connected with Hootsuite. Go to your Twitter account’s settings.


Then click Connect with Twitter


That’s it!

Click on your name to get to your Settings.


Scroll down to Social Networks. Where it says Log in with Twitter, click No (to enable Yes).


You are prompted to give Pinterest permission to access your Twitter account. Click Authorize App.


That’s it! Now Pinterest reflects that you are connected and can login using your Twitter credentials.

While this Twitter hack scare was averted, it’s recommended that you go through this process a few times a year to protect your account.

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