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Use Social Media to Advance Your Career

think hub-and-spoke
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How can you use social media to advance your career?

By thinking and acting strategically.

Most people never do this when it comes to their personal social media accounts. How do you do it?

Build a wheel!

It’s the starting point we suggest to businesses. We suggest you do the same to build your personal brand:

Determine what your hub is going to be. Then think hub-and-spoke.

Here’s how it works

Your hub may be as simple as your LinkedIn profile or your personal home page on

Want to ramp it up? If you have a blog where you talk about things related to your profession, it can be your hub.

With your hub in place, you simply link to it from all your other social spaces.
For example, your Twitter profile will include a link to your page.

Here’s why it’s important

Imagine someone just followed you on Twitter. You go to their profile and look at their bio. You find them interesting.

So you look at their stream. They’re sharing great insights. You want to learn more about them. But they don’t provide a link to anyone.

Their Twitter account is a dead-end. Opportunity lost.

So no matter where you participate online, make sure you link back to your main hub. With your hub in place, you’re ready to start developing a strategic presence online.

Want to learn more about developing your strategic presence and building your personal or business brand with social media? This tip came from our full tutorial How to Advance in Your Career with Social Media. If you’re a Premium Member, it’s available to you now. If you’re not, get instant access when you go Premium now!

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