personal training using technology

Using Technology to Provide Personal Service

personal training using technology

Shay de Silva is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. A few years ago, when she couldn’t find a workout program that fit her busy lifestyle, she decided to make her own! Shay turned her passion for creating fun and effective workouts into Fast Fitness To Go – a company that gives everyone the freedom to have an amazing workout anytime, anywhere.

In this Entreprenurturing™ Session, learn how Shay is using technology to turn what is commonly thought of as a” in-person” personal service into one that’s online.

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Entreprenurturing Session 12 | BIGG Success

In This Entreprenurturing™ Session, learn:

  • What motivated her to turn a passion into a business.
  • How to make time for fitness when you’re super busy
  • How exercise can help business owners make more money
  • How Shay is using technology to provide “personal service” to people

Topic Times:

The problem Shay solved with Fast Fitness to Go

2:05 – 3:33
How to fit in exercise every day

3:40 – 8:05
How exercise can help you make more money and a tip for scheduling time

8:20 – 12:22
How Shay is using technology to provide personal training to anyone, anytime, anywhere

12:25 – 14:22
Why her 25 minute workouts are better than an hour-long run

Find Shay online at Fast Fitness to Go.

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